Saturday, February 21, 2015

Running on 2 Turfs

Well lets just say I decided to do dual run in one day, which is normal for me but this dual run was different. Different because its on two different turfs... different worlds. First run was all pavement and the second a trail run. Something I have never done but there will always be a first for everything right?

The morning run was on pavement which was a 10 mile route. I was telling myself to take it easy when I woke up but umm that didn't happen. Haha! When I started and I had my music going, I got into a zone. I need up running a lot quicker than I have planned. Oops! 

Anyways, this route was the Torii Station to Lighthouse run. Its about 5 miles out and 5 miles back. You can choose to either run the hilly route or the flat route. We all decided to run the flat route just because of the scenery. With the pace I was going, I knew I was going to be worn out for the trail run. 

Once we finished the first route. 5 of us had to meet the trail runners. Whom have been waiting for quite some bit. Haha! By now, I was already too worn to run but yet again, I decided to suck it up. haha. 

So once I swapped out my pavement shoes to my trail shoes. It was on. The sun was up and shinning down on us. It started to get hot but sometimes there would be a cool breeze that would sweep through to help cool us off. 

The route was a bit dryer then the first time I have ran it but maybe thats because WOOT (Women of Okinawa Trails) ran it so much it just dried up the place. haha! Just messing. Anyways, this route is actually great. There were quite some obstacles if you think about it, which kept my mind going. Also, when I am sprinting down the hills as I run pass trees and bushes. 

Well towards the end, I was practically done. Exhausted to the max and lost my train of thought at most. haha! It was the sun's fault. I was running low on water but it did last me 6 miles of trails. Like my races, I feed off of other runners positiveness to give me a motivation boost. So it was fun, these ladies are strong runners. They lasted way longer than I did. 

Overall the lesson to this is that, you cannot always run on one certain path. You'll end up getting bored. So make a right into the woods and enjoy nature first hand. At the same time, trails do work different muscles in your legs too. To also push your body to its limits to see where it stands. So that you can learn how to observe it and learn how to surpass that. 

It does not matter which boundaries you are in or whose turf your running on. Everyone shares the same passion, pain and experiences. 

Special thanks to Dar for encouraging me to run both routes, even when this was her first trail run on this route. Such a strong woman runner, kept leading the pack even when she didn't even know the trail. haha!