Friday, February 6, 2015

Nago Half Marathon

First race of the year 2015, it was a long time coming. Anyways, during this race I was determined to try to beat my PR (Personal Record) but then I decided to just try to run it under 2 hours. So prior to this race, I was told that there were only two hills. WRONG! There were multiple hills but the good thing about it was that I was prepared.  Since I've been on an elevation gain challenge. So it paid off. 

As usual, Okinawa Pavement Pounders were there in full force. It seems like this group is just growing and growing. I didn't realize how many attended this race either on the Half Marathon or the 10K. Overall, it's always great to be running with people you know. It feels good towards the end when they are cheering you on for a strong finish. 

Anyways, the weather was a bit cold, while we waited but it turned out to be the best thing when we started to run. Like any other races, we ended up bottle necking it at the start for a bit. I was in a happy mood but once I reached mile 2. Knowing I was alone, I ended up getting into the zone. I started to keep a pace and passing runners. 

I have never ran this course at all, so I never knew what to expect but with every hill I've reached. I wouldn't stopped no matter what. As I continued to push, my mind only had a few things going. Not to stop and endure the pain.