Sunday, November 2, 2014

Shouhashi Half Marathon

Finished: 2:18:41
Overall Placed: 1,133th
Age Group: 619th

All I can tell you is wow! With a about an estimate of 8,140 half marathon runners in a small area. What a crazy experience, a lot of shoving when the race started. 

Anyways, the race didn't start til 9am, which to me was a terrible idea. I mean there was no overcast nor any constant breeze. The sun wasn't being too nice, it felt like it wanted to come watch too. So it was blazing straight down on me. Which caused me to stop multiple times. My head was fried and I could not think. 

Well there is a nice tiny hill that we hit. It wasn't to bad but a gradual... long... ass... hill. haha! It was pretty tough. It owned me, and I ended up walking. I mean after that, I didn't mind the camel humps. 

Throughout the time... well the pain. I tried to keep my mind sane by keeping creative and dumb. haha. Dumb as in, fooling around with silly photos. 

Anyways, Im also glad to have ran it with a lot of my motivating friends from the group. Whom are really supportive and who continue to push you to the last bit. So, I wanted to thank Karen, who knew I still had quite a bit more to push. Which I did but I had to stop because of my knee. Also, want to thank Desiree for running with me in the last stretch. And as well as Dar for checking up on me and seeing if I wanted a fresh drink of Aquarius. 

But going through the pain was worth it. The scenery was amazing. I have never been in this part of the island but now I can say I have. Maybe next year, if I can stay til Feb 2016, I will conquer this route again. So we will see. haha! 

Overall the best things I like about events like this. Is the environment and that I am able to hang out with people that have the same passion and goals that I have. Once again Okinawa Pavement Pounders is here and representing.