Saturday, October 11, 2014

The run before the storm!

Well you can call me crazy but I would say you'd be calling a group of runners crazy too. Yes, I decided to go for a run just before Typhoon Vongfong intense outer ring decided to hit Okinawa. I only did it because I had a urge to run and that jealousy sat in while others in my group did it too. Well they ran way before I even got off work. 

Anyways the photo above has a wave crashing into the seawall which was taken 4 days ago from this post. The wind was blowing but not as hard. This was a last minute decision either to run because I got off work late, so as usual or most of the time. I just said screw it, I'm going for a run. Knowing that I wasn't the only one in my group that did that night. 

Well on Friday when we were at TCCOR-2, we were finally told to go home and prep things for this typhoon because this particular one is slow moving and very powerful when it reaches us. I mean it wasn't suppose to hit us directly but not its path shows that it will go right on top of us by Sunday morning.

 So again, I contemplated to go for a run and I was fighting with myself. Seeing others post their "Pre Typhoon Run." I decided to go. Despite the high winds and that the typhoon is a lot closer than it was for the other runners. So I was able to push 5 miles at a 7:42 min pace. Which I am feeling the soreness as I type this. Haha! 

Running down the seawall, the waves were not as big as it was 4 days ago but the wind practically was pushing me. At one point I was running at a 5 min pace and I didn't know it until I started to get a side ache. haha! Then on my way back, there was a section of the route when I hit wind resistance. During that section it felt like I was literally doing the, "Running Man Dance." Seriously! I was leaning forward as far as Michael Jackson did during the Smooth Criminal music video. 

Anyways, overall stay safe and don't be stupid and run during the severe portion of the Typhoon. If the announcement says to stay indoors. Stay indoors. We have lost too many in a week to the water. Its not worth it..