Tuesday, September 30, 2014

200 Miles!

Well ever since this 2014 started, I always told myself to have run 100 miles per month and to reach 1200 miles before the end of the year. Well since I am coming short, due to the fact I was sent to the US for training. Anyways, ever since Ive came back, I have been hitting the pavement hard and trying to maintain 100 miles a month. As the moves went by, I slowly ended up running more than just 100 miles. 

Well today, I have reached a milestone and goal which I was influenced by one of my favorite running partner Liz Andrews. Since she has reached 200 miles by the end of August. I was determined to do the same for that same month but I came up about 40 miles short. So then I decided to push in September. Regardless of the races, I was able to reach 200 miles on the last day of September. 

This is an amazing accomplishment and a milestone to achieve. For some reason I wasn't to end up wanting to do more to pass 200 miles for the month. haha! But I don't think I will again. My knees has taking its toll but proud that I pushed it to the last mile. Anyways, people should set some goals and if not, at least set a milestone to see how much you can push yourself and slowly increase. 

Overall, 200 miles in one month is harder than a lot of people think but pushing it mentality.
Cause I did.