Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Running Photographer

Running photographer is basically just someone in a group who is crazy enough to take photos during a run or a race event. Not caring about how much he/she is carrying. As for me, when the light is still out, I would take my GoPro along with me. The good thing about the GoPro, is that its compact and water proof. So no matter what it is way better than pulling out your phone to take photos but also the fear of getting it wet from rain or sweat. 

Also, the good thing about having a person who runs and takes photos is that you can capture action photos. As well as having something to keep, when everyone ends up leaving as time goes by. In our case Permanent Change of Station (PCS) since we are all in the military or affiliated with the military.  Which is also the sad part of having a tight bond with each other. So this is why I like taking photos on the go, so that we all have memories to fall back on.  

So no matter where I go and no matter what gathering OPP does or race events we attend. I will always continue to bring my camera. From a 5k to even a Full Marathon, I still don't mind carrying my GoPro. I mean I know I won't be the top finishers, so that placing isn't important because at the end. We all cross that finish line and we are all amazing runners. So why not capture that moment with photos? 

At the end, everyone is capable of running and taking photos too.