Tuesday, September 30, 2014

200 Miles!

Well ever since this 2014 started, I always told myself to have run 100 miles per month and to reach 1200 miles before the end of the year. Well since I am coming short, due to the fact I was sent to the US for training. Anyways, ever since Ive came back, I have been hitting the pavement hard and trying to maintain 100 miles a month. As the moves went by, I slowly ended up running more than just 100 miles. 

Well today, I have reached a milestone and goal which I was influenced by one of my favorite running partner Liz Andrews. Since she has reached 200 miles by the end of August. I was determined to do the same for that same month but I came up about 40 miles short. So then I decided to push in September. Regardless of the races, I was able to reach 200 miles on the last day of September. 

This is an amazing accomplishment and a milestone to achieve. For some reason I wasn't to end up wanting to do more to pass 200 miles for the month. haha! But I don't think I will again. My knees has taking its toll but proud that I pushed it to the last mile. Anyways, people should set some goals and if not, at least set a milestone to see how much you can push yourself and slowly increase. 

Overall, 200 miles in one month is harder than a lot of people think but pushing it mentality.
Cause I did.  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Running Photographer

Running photographer is basically just someone in a group who is crazy enough to take photos during a run or a race event. Not caring about how much he/she is carrying. As for me, when the light is still out, I would take my GoPro along with me. The good thing about the GoPro, is that its compact and water proof. So no matter what it is way better than pulling out your phone to take photos but also the fear of getting it wet from rain or sweat. 

Also, the good thing about having a person who runs and takes photos is that you can capture action photos. As well as having something to keep, when everyone ends up leaving as time goes by. In our case Permanent Change of Station (PCS) since we are all in the military or affiliated with the military.  Which is also the sad part of having a tight bond with each other. So this is why I like taking photos on the go, so that we all have memories to fall back on.  

So no matter where I go and no matter what gathering OPP does or race events we attend. I will always continue to bring my camera. From a 5k to even a Full Marathon, I still don't mind carrying my GoPro. I mean I know I won't be the top finishers, so that placing isn't important because at the end. We all cross that finish line and we are all amazing runners. So why not capture that moment with photos? 

At the end, everyone is capable of running and taking photos too. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back to Back Races

Well, let me say this first... What an awesome weekend it was. Glad to have shared the pavement with my fellow Okinawa Pavement Pounders (OPP) friends. Anyways, it was my first time doing this and I made it through. haha!

Beat The Heat Half Marathon
Saturday Sept. 21, 2014

Most of the time when runners know the course prior to the actual race event. They would tend to do a pre run, just to get use to the course. Well none of us did, we procrastinated but never did. Haha! This was a pretty tough race and as well as my first race in Okinawa, Japan. Oh how the heat caught up towards the end of the race. Haha! This time I was smart to hydrate before race day but did not carb load. 

During the race, I was pushing it. With the right music, I was able to motivate myself to keep going and catching up to my friends. Yes, I did know there was hills but after learning from my first half marathon I did. I ended up killing the hills by running up it. When I did, it felt awesome. 

Along the way, OPP was able to motivate and help push each other pass the finish line. At the same time, cheering each other at the finish line. I have never felt any better, belonging in a group. Not like the other few races I've done during the beginning of the year. Where I would cross the finish line and having the awkward lost feeling. Haha! 

Magic 10 Miler
Sunday Sept 21, 2014

Ok, I know it seems crazy but lets just say I wasn't the only one to take up the, "back to back," challenge. haha! After filling up my body with Pedialyte, I was still sore from the race from the day before. It was because I was pushing it. Anyways, the sucky part about this race was that it started at 0800 in the morning and the sun was already up. The good thing about it was that there was a breeze and some what cloud cover. 

Despite the soreness of my quads, I was still able to push towards the end. I mean running on the flight line (landing strip) that seem to have taken forever. haha! I was able to push my last mile back. Once I crossed the finish line, I was already out of breath and my quads where just pounding. haha! Anyways, after that though, I was glad my races were over. 

 (It was nice to see another Marine I work with)

 One of Two OPP runners that was down to run back to back cause we influenced each other to.

Just like any other run or race we do as OPP. The best thing I love about us, is the group photos at the turn around or end of a race or run. It's something to look forward to and which also motivates me to hurry up and finish to make it on time. haha! 

 The Back to Back runners!

It was a great weekend and it was fun. As much as I tell myself that I don't think I would ever do this again but if our group decided to do it. I am down to do with them as well. I am very proud of them and as well as proud of myself. 


A weekend worth everything!