Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Well not all running is all about seriousness or competitiveness. You can also enjoy running either by yourself or with a group. All it does is take away the boringness of running. As for me, I love taking photos. I love being creative and just having fun. Also, its more of an artistic side that comes out. To where my pictures motivate me to type up poetry. Hence Old_Poetic_Runner as my screen name on Instagram.

I know we all seen the movie with Jim Carrey, "Yes Man." Well if you seen the part were they were running and taking pictures. Yes Man! That what I do, to make my run a lot more interesting. Well minus the red bulls, since that would make my heart explode. Anyways, taking, "Runfie's," allows you to spice up your posts with your run results. Am I right?

So Snapping and go or Runfie's are always fun to do. Even when your running as a group because there is always one person who decides to take photos and your lucky because you want photos for memories right? 

Or group photos like these. 
 (This was cut short due to the fact we took up the local PD's secret speed trap lot. No one got towed during this run. haha!)
Or a Post typhoon run, since we were all stuck inside our homes until it was All clear. We were a bunch of fiends wanting more of this addiction. haha! 

So its not frowned upon, nor thought that we are retarded. We just like taking photos because they really do last longer. Plus we the Runfie's are a different kind of crazy runners. haha. So just enjoy your run, find something that will make it a lot more interesting. For example, going to historical land marks or a sunrise/sunset. Running isn't always about seining your arms or landing on your feet. It has to also deal with thinking. So be creative and just enjoy it. Alright?

*Some of my Runfies below*
 (Katsuren Castle  - 14 mile course)

(Seawall Sunset - Hilton Hotel 6 miles)

 (Aiming of my Artistic Photography)
(Humid and slightly injured. Turned into a photoshoot)