Friday, July 4, 2014

A year ago, I was a berserk runner

A year ago, I have finally decided to get off the couch and started running. You can say I was a Berserk runner. Which is defined as, "out of control anger or excitement. Wild or frenzied." So you can say that I was killing the pavement like a crazy person. I didn't know the science or fundamentals of running but just putting my shoes on and running. 

Oh boy I was wrong. Haha! I would run at high noon when the sun is blazing. Never brought any water source or Yen during my runs. I was just a crazy runner. Anyways, with every mistake or injury. I have learned that there was more to running. So during my recovery phases, I would research how to prevent them and search for things on how to become a better runner. 

As I became a smarter runner, my milages started racking up without a problem. I started running at events that were put up by some of the organizations here in Okinawa. Started to follow a group named, "Okinawa Pavement Pounders," to gain some knowledge but never posted any of my runs. I saw them as elite runners in my eyes. 

Not til I was sent to the states for training and decided to rack up on some half marathons and 10K races. Which then I decided to open up to the group, gave me a little leverage. Haha! Anyways, now I  feel like I'm annoying them by posting my routes I plan on running and inviting whoever wanted to join me.  

(July 4th of 2014- Happy Independence Day OPP)

Running with others or groups can be fun and it will make you want push yourself. There are some runners.... majority of them have a faster pace than I do or can last longer than I can. Most of all though its a lot more fun. 

Anyways, through out my first year of finding my passion has been great for me. I've seen a lot of improvement in myself and some things I never thought I could do. Which in turn makes others think that I am crazy for doing it. Which also puts a smile on my face. Haha! 

To One year of hit and miss. Injury and recovery. I have become a smarter runner but yet a stubborn one. haha!