Monday, June 2, 2014

Why I Run?

First Reason: Relieve Stress

My first reason why I run, started in July 2013. There was too many things on my mind. Too much stressors bottling up inside me and I didn't want to end up blowing up on anyone. So, I decided to buy some running gear and just start running. Well, it never felt better to, sweat it all out. Making you feel exhausted but refreshing. My mind was clear and I had nothing to worry about. Running made me feel free, letting my stress out through music and pushing myself. After a while, I found out that there was more to it than running. My body was feeling the effects of fatigue and injury, since I ran a total of 10 - 17 miles in 2 runs a day. I was over using myself, and this was the beginning of my new passion. 

Second reason: Chance to Appreciate Life

 I figured out that when I run, my soul seems to be at peace. My mind clear and I have no worries about what this world has become. With every run, I always enjoyed what mother nature has shown me. As I felt peace, mother nature has shown me her true beauties. I have become appreciative of what my life and my world has to offer. 

Third Reason: Running for a Cause

 I know throughout the world, there are a lot of fundraisers to help a cause. The photos above was to help the relief effort of the destruction that Typhoon Haiyan left. Not only I ran a 8k for $30 but I also donated a little over $100. I know its not much but it helps. This day, I posted on my face book that for every like I get, I would donate $1 but since Ive only gotten like 7 likes that day. I just told myself, what the heck and pulled all the cash in my pocket into the donation box. It was a worth a try to get my friends and family to help support too. Anyways, I know every race has their reasons why they establish the events and all the proceeds end up going to helping something out. So what gives you a better feeling, knowing that your helping a cause and at the same time enjoying what you like to do and thats run. 

Fourth reason: Unlocking your abilities

I can remember the first 3 miles I ran on my own. I ran it in like 50 something minutes, pretty bad but that was under the noon sun and it was really hot. Haha! I know sounds like excuses but it was my first time running. Now, I can run 13 miles in 1 hour and 47 mins, without stopping at 8 mins and 16 second mile pace. Pretty crazy! My longest run at first was 4 -5 miles and now my longest run I ever  ran is 20 miles (finished even when I was struggling). I have started running in 5k events and now Ive ran 4 - Half Marathons, 3 - 10k (including a mud run) and a 4 mile Sand Mine Challenge in a 3 month time frame. 

So running for me has unlocked my abilities to push, progress and never give up. 

Fifth Reason: Meeting people & Making Friends

I say this is one of my favorite reasons why I run. Meeting people with other reasons why they like to run. Yes we all have one thing in common and its just loving to run. Others, just enjoy and have fun and not worrying about competition. Some just do it to be healthier. So we all have many reasons why they like to run but I am glad that I had a chance to meet them and ended up being friends. 

I think running is a tough sport that you have to continue to do, in order to maintain it. At the same time the runners community has this environment that I love and that's the friendly environment. Knowing your not the fastest runner and those who know they are fast are not cocky about it but able to help you push. They give you that motivation to become better and won't leave you in the dust. Like the running group Okinawa Pavement Pounders (OPP) I follow on Facebook. I know they are fast and can maintain the distance. At the same time there are runners in there who are just beginning or at my level that get motivation from them. Like I said, I like that type of environment. So meeting people and making friends I say is my favorite reason why I like running. 

Sixth Reason: Being an Inspiration

Everyone now a days, someone needs inspiration to get them started. After running to relieve stress, I found inspiration by other runners and why they run. So why not do the same, by encouraging people to run for either for themselves or for a cause. To either become better or just doing it for fun. I want to be an inspiration to others but I will not force anyone to say they are inspired by me. I mean there is no way you can do that. The only way is just giving advices, or simple ways to start slow. Is enough to inspire someone to run. Showing that you care should only be the reason to inspires. 

Seventh Reason: BLING! 

Haha! Am I right? Another way of getting motivated to run. Is receiving a finishers medal! I remember when I received my first medal from the Heart of the Ozarks Half Marathon event. It felt great! It also can be an addiction. Haha! It is the truth through, nothing is better than receiving one. Solidifying that you've done it, a mission accomplishment. 

Well these are some of the reasons why I run and I think these a good reasons. So my question for you. Why do you run?