Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where to?

I remember the first couple of months of running. There was only one route that I would run, which would be about 3 miles. Until I got bored of seeing the same things. So I pushed it to 5 miles on the same route. Next thing you know I was running 13 miles on the same route, the same area. So my mind got so used to the route that, when I tried to run a different route. I never performed right, like it wasn't used to the route I was running. 

Before I left for Fort Lenard Wood, MO for 3 months. I decide to run the outside of Kadena AFB which is 11 miles. Why? Because there were some who doubted me and there were some who said it was impossible. Well when I ran it, I felt great. Especially proving them wrong, I mean don't get me wrong my mind wasn't liking it. Which in turn made my body want to just stop. 

Anyways, I got used to changing up my routes and to get use to not expecting my routes too much. Since I have ran a lot of Half Marathons and 10k races. I just got accustomed to different routes and pushing through the challenges. So when I came back, I decided to not go back to that same route I used to run. Well I started mapping new routes and thinking of creative reasons why I should run them. 

Just like these routes I have uploaded. Now your eyes may click to the distance which is 6 miles or 20 miles. So I know what your thinking, that I am crazy right? Well seriously though, I don't even think of that but what I think about is the creativity of my runs. Pretty much how I make my runs fun and interesting to encourage others that there is more to it than just running. 

I run to beat the sun, to enjoy the scenery, and the meaning. Also, I enjoy the company when I can. So my question to you is, do you really know the meaning to your runs? Why you choose your routes?