Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Training for my 1st Marathon

So, I've decided to fulfill one of my New Years Resolution this year and that is trying to run and finishing a Marathon. Well, there is a Marathon being held on December in Naha, Okinawa. This year, its a lottery based race. So you have to sign up and they will give you a number. Once you receive a confirmation stating that your number has been chosen, then you go head and complete the registration. I believe, but most of the times. With my luck, I never win these things. 

The other issue that may stop me from running this Marathons here is that I have received orders to leave back to the states. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders to be checked in by January 2015. Sucks, but that may change. 

Okay enough of the bad news, So I have decided to follow a training plan that a friend of mine showed me. Whom is also, training for this marathon. We are basically on the same level, except she just recovered from an injury. So I say she's at a high level than I. haha!

So anyways, this running plan has you running at a total of 20+ miles a week but for some reason I feel that is kind of weak. Well to where I am at in my running level but a running plan is a running plan. I just have to suck it up when it comes to running only 4 miles that day. So I am kind of excited actually. 

At the same time Im following this training plan, I am also trying to find ways to change my eating habits. So that I can perform better during my runs or even at the race event. I have asked tips and another friend of mine has told me to literally just start creating everything from scratch and away from processed foods. Also, that I have to get my stomach used to it but ill end up feeling like i have food poising. haha! Yet that is the process when your eating something new, so I am willing to try. 

So Day 1 of Training was running 4 miles. So we decided to run it in the morning and in the rain. Which felt great, the rain kept me cool and it wasn't humid at all. 

But Day 2 (yesterday) My stomach wasn't feeling too good. I tried to leave my place but I ended coming back to sit on my throne for an hour or so. Ehh.. It wasn't a good day. So Day 2 would be a rest day and Day 5 will be a running day and not a rest day. Well today is Day 3 and we are planning on running 6 miles. The awesome thing about is that there are 4 other's from Okinawa Pavement Pounders Group that will be joining us. So it's going to be a no sweat easy run. haha! Cant wait. 

Overall I know I can get up to 20 but my actual challenge is finish running at 26.1 miles. My partner and I decided to take the challenge after this 16 week training, we wanted to test it out by running a mock marathon on our own. So we will see. 

The training as begun!