Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sunrise Sunset

There are many pluses when it comes to running. My favorite plus is enjoying the sunrises and sunsets of Okinawa. It is very relaxing and you can appreciate the world.. well universe for what we do not care anymore now a days. 

Waking up at 4:30 AM just to beat the sunrise is well worth it for me. I know it sucks being awake before the sun, but that is one thing that not a lot of people can really experience because we are still asleep. We have seen more sunsets then sunrises in our lifetime. So here are some photos I want to share that I have captured this month. (For the panorama photos, click on them so you can see the full size. You'll be amazed.)

These were taken during my island hopping run and on June 7, 2014. 

Anyways, just as spectacular as the sunrises. The sunsets are just as amazing. I remember when I first started running towards the evening. Most of my runs were more focused on running, until I picked my head up and there it was. Sunset... 

So, I would pause my run, take a seat and just watch then sun goes down. The breeze picks up, making you take a deep breath and just relaxing. Spectating the universe's theater. 

These sunset photos were taken last year but I will be taking more this year as well. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my sunrise and sunset run photos. In hopes it can get you to appreciate running more then just hitting pavement or just going out and enjoying the spectacular universe.