Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pushed by Human Will

With every sport there is always a struggle and during that struggle time all of a sudden slows down, flashes of memory go through your eyes. Finding a way to make your body move with a different use of energy. An energy of pure human will, an energy not fueled by food or drinks. But fueled by inspirations, heart, reasons, or survival. 

I say runners above all other sports, are used to this. Everyday, not everyone wakes up wanting to go for a run. We have to push ourselves out the door and start running. During that time, we are fueled by reasons. Reasons like, "I need to lose some weight," or "I need to reach my goal of 100 miles for this month." This reason is what gets us out the door. 

Sometimes in some runners during the first 0-2 miles we start to think to ourselves. "What the heck am I doing?" Or "Damn, I want to go back." Your mind starts to doubt you. Then this is when we start running with our hearts. Since our brains thoughts and our feelings from our hearts are always constantly battling it out every second of the day. Our hearts, is also fueled by a different type of energy that isn't food. That would be inspiration but before you even decided to start running. There was something that made you want to. Which in turn inspired you to run. Am I right? So your heart is filled with inspirations. Which inspires you to run for your reasons. So use your heart to block out your doubtful mind during your first stretch of your run. 

As I continue to run, I am always trying to push myself to go faster and longer. Every runner is different and as well as having different thresholds. In order to run longer distance, I needed to conserve my pace, rather trying to see how far I can run at a fast pace. Which in turn would use up all my energy. So as a beginner, I would rather conserve my pace. 

(My walk back in the blazing sun)

At the same time you need to wary about the elements. If it is rainy, snowy, cold, hot, humid or sunny. Then after you know what your going to be running into, then you need to listen to your body. If your body says, "I quit." Then stop running but that doesn't mean to call a cab. No, just walk back. Which I did during my 20 mile run when my body just hit the wall at mile 16, I just walked the last 4 miles back. Yes it was torturing and it hurt, but to me. A mile is still a mile if your running it or walking it, it's still a mile. I pushed my body but at the same time the sun was shining down on me, which didn't feel too good. So my body went into survival mode. haha! Yes, I said it survival mode. Every shade I came across, I rested a little. I kept filling up my water bottle with every bottle of water bought from a vending machine. *Thank you Japan* So, I just continued to walk. I eventually made it home, not caring about my pace time and I never injured myself. At the same time, chit chatting with another runner, which kept my mind off some pain. 

(I needed to get some calories in. Don't judge.)

Overall, all we need to do is to push ourselves. To reach our goals, if not, then understand how to get their. There is no failure when you are pushing yourself. Just acceptance and progress. We all can run a mile but those who say they can't. Are those who haven't tried. Anyways, I hope this kind helps open your eyes about running. This is something I have always followed when I run or in tough situations. 

(Its suppose to be 20 miles. This run was on June 21)

"Your capacity is only limited to your will to do something. When you do, you will be satisfied with your results and with yourself."

(Ran in Jan 2014. My first 20 miles)