Saturday, June 28, 2014

Monthly 100 Miles Ran. Achieved!

From when I started running on my own. I have set goals and every goal I have reached. Each one has been increased. So from my first 3 miles I ran (none military affiliated), the next would be 5 miles, then 8 to 13 miles. So on and so forth. So far I'm at 20 miles for one run but I have not yet mastered that. Anyways, during those goals. I did not notice the mileage I have accumulated. 


July - 42 
August - 85
September - 35 (injured)
October - 35 (recovery)
November - 43
December - 111


January - 100
February - 44 (Race events)
March - 38 (Race events)
April - 42 (Race events)
May - 61
June - 107

As you can see my milages fluctuates for many reasons. Injuries *even when I'm not suppose to run*, TAD to the US and running race events. My New Year Resolution is to either run 100 miles in month or a total of 1200 for the year. I am at 392 miles and I still have over 600 miles to accumulate. I believe I can do it. 

Anyways, achieving that 100 miles a month gives me a sense of accomplishment. Something to brag about and having that awesome feeling when someone says your crazy. Haha! In reality, anyone can run 100 miles a month. All it takes is running 5 miles day for 20 days. Is that hard? Nope! People just have the tendency of not taking the first step out the door. 

I am very ambitious on trying to achieve that goal and at the same time stubborn when pain is involved. Haha! I know its bad, So what? *Do not follow my foot steps. It's my choice to run through the pain. So don't point your finger at me that, I've motivated you to do so. haha just saying* 

So go out there, set your goals and see if you can reach them. There is nothing else we do in life but to set goals. I mean we do it every day, from graduating high school to getting a degree in college. Leaving your home town and making it in the real world. So running 100 miles in a month time span is the easiest thing you can do in your life. The easiest goal, you just gotta do it. C'mon your missing out on the beauties of the world.