Monday, June 9, 2014

I push for a reason

It's funny how people look at me like I'm stupid.

Running all those miles I accumulated. 
It's crazy to think that it sometimes bothers me.
But I question myself can they even keep up with me? 

Running nearly everyday constantly up and down the pathway.
Not for a prize nor any type of glory in any way.
If you knew me from deep within.
I have a raging fire thst constantly burnin.

If you call yourself a friend
You would understand that my running will never end.
To my blood my family,
All I need is your support for me.

I am the age of 30.
But running several miles ain't shit to me. 
If there are times you need to run it off,
I will be there because it's you I care of. 

I run to clear my mind,
Busting all the rust and trying to shine.
Are you with me or not?
If not, then quit trying to make me stop.