Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Facing the elements!


Yup..Rain. If its not sunny here in Okinawa, Japan its raining. Most of the time its flashes of down pour. Sometimes it rains for days, so for myself. Trying not to miss out a day of running, it takes a lot of motivation and thinking to get me under the rain. haha! But when I do, it feels great. As the semi warm rain drops tend to relax me and at the same time cools me down just a little. It feels amazing and refreshing. 


What's even worse than rain? Is when the sun comes up and starts heating up the ground. BAM! Humidity, sucking all the water it can. Even from your body. It even sucks running when the sun is up, just because you can feel the heat coming off the ground and shining down on you. 

I try not to run when the sun is up, I usually try to run before it wakes up or when its fallen down pass the horizon. Just to try to stay somewhat cool and away from direct exposure of the sun. This is a quick way to become dehydrated or cause a heat stroke. Thats something you don't want to happen. 


Snow.. Yeah you can call me crazy but have you ran in the snow in 20 degree or lower? I thought so, haha! Just messing. I always wanted to go run in the snow. So I got my opportunity over at St. Roberts, MO when I was there for 3 months. 

Running in snowy weather is either a hit or miss. Just depending on what your wearing for you run. For me it sucks putting them on but its the only way I can stay warm. Plus the air feels thinner, so its harder for your lungs to grasp some oxygen because its working harder. Also, the ground being uneven, its like running on sand, its tough on my knees. Oh, watch out for drivers that cannot fully stop because the roads are slick. So just be safe. 


Muddy... Hmm we tend to ask for this. Haha! We can either avoid pot holes or not even a mud run event. Usually when we do run these runs, its for motivation, bonding or just trying to push yourself to seek self improvement. Its a tough course to push your limitations and trying not to make you quit. At the end of these mud runs, we tend to feel with great accomplishments. 


We will all face these elements, even the ones I did not mention. Yet we are still on the pavement racking up some mileage, not caring about the weather. We would have to push ourselves twice as much on normal non inclement weather. So we cannot always postpone our runs because of the weather. We just need to gear up and hit the rain drops, night light sun rays and the fluffy snowfalls and just go run.