Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Poetic Runner

"A runner is like a poet, 
We are fueled by reasons, feelings and inspirations. 
Compelled to complete our goals. 
We will finish with the feeling of greatness and accomplishment. "

"We triumph to better ourselves,
to better the world. 
We will bare the pain of scars,
we will cover our bloody wounds. 
At the end we all will triumph to become the better human, 
to become that brie force. 
To show this world we will never give up, 
to show this world we will never quite."

"Age is nothing! It doesn't mean you should slowly stop with every year that passes by.
Continue to strive, 
Continue to know your limits. 
Push with your mind,
Push with your heart.
Everything else will fall into place because they have a part."

"Don't dwell on failure just to be depressed. 
Dwell on failure to figure out how to over come it, 
in order to succeed.
Cause in this world,
there is no such thing."