Sunday, May 25, 2014

Island Hopper

Sunrise Run

I wanted to try something different. Something unique, So I decided to run on the Kaichu Bridge close to Henza and Hamahiga Islands. 

Since, I like running during the morning. I decided to drive to my starting point and wait for the sun to rise before I took off for my run. I have always seen how spectacular the sunsets are in Okinawa but I rarely observe the sun rising. Since, I'm located on the western part of the island or I'm always at work.  

I was hoping for someone to go run with me but I knew it was kind of too early for anyone to go. So I understood but hopefully next time someone will. Anyways, once I took the photos I needed, I started my run. It was breezy but the wind was just right. Not too strong.  Yet for some reason, I had a hard time grasping air, so it was hard for me to breath. There were a couple of times, when I needed to stop to suck in some air. haha! but it did feel good though. 

I say, I really like this route. On the right time, the right kind of weather, it is a good place to relax and away from the busy society of Okinawa. There were just one or two joggers when I started, but as I was heading back. The roads started to get a little busy and bicyclist biked by. Other than that, it was pretty quite at the start of this run. It was a little humid but the breeze helped you cool down. Like I said during this run, I was having a difficult time to breath. 

I would not mind running this run again at the same time. Hopefully, I can do a sunrise and sunset run. Its just that something happened at work and someone got arrested. Our liberty was taken away for a week and I was unable to do a sunset run. Ehh! It sucks but it is what it is. One had too much fun and we get the blunt punishment for their bad decision. Only negative thing being in the military. 

Anyways, I would suggest this as a good route to run if anyone is willing to get up early enough to see the sun rise. If you do go, let me know. haha!