Saturday, May 10, 2014

Getting' Dirty!

Bushido Mud Run!

Well, I've only been back for 8 days before I signed up for this mud run. The only reason why I did was because I was going as a team but that didn't happen. They made it last second before the group stick started. So I just said screw it and ran with the individual runners.  Anyways, this was a 10k mud run, I was kind of disappointed bout the course but its their 2nd annual run. So, I shouldn't really expecting much. 

The race took place on a Marine Corps camp, Camp Hansen and the first stretch takes you to a container simulated gun fire area where they were shooting blanks, just to get the sound. Right after that, it was the first mud pit. Which everyone started to slow down and some folks were losing their shoes. Anyways, throughout this time, my GoPro already overheated and it kept turning off. So I ended up not having any video footages. (Which sucked) 

Then after the first mud pit we came across a lengthy water hole, which had ropes criss crossing over your head, so you were more bending over. Then little hills, that ended up getting slick from all the wet runners trying to get over. So you would actually need some assistance getting over. Anyways, to make this blog short. There were more of long stretch runs than mud pits. Then you would have to venture into the brush and go up and down slopes and hills with ropes to assist you. 

Which is one thing I didn't really like, and when I got a certain point  (top photo above). My left knee started to feel some pain. So at some points, I ended up walking but most of the time I was trying to push myself. At the same time, I was really hoping for rain to pour but overcast was okay with me too. Just didn't want the sun shining down on me because I would of ended up as a heat casualty. Since, I have not yet acclimatized to the heat again. 

Overall, I believed I finished at 1:51:00, I think. So that is not a solid thing, since like I said. My GoPro overheated and I was too exhausted to go back and check. Just wanted to get my shirt and medal and head back home for a good shower. Haha!