Saturday, April 19, 2014


Easter Escapade 5k/10k

Well this was my last race before I headed back to Okinawa, Japan but this race was different... For me that is. After my Leprechaun run, my cousin Lucy (below photo on the left)  told me that she would be willing to run in the same race as I was. So with that, I took her word for it and signed her up for this race. Well what's also great is that she also, brought along a running partner her sister Isbelda (below photo on the right). 

I am really glad they were there to run at the same race. I mean I know I was running the 10k but this was their first actual race event together. So they did the 5k part of run. Anyways, this race is another one of those where we had to do laps. So twice the laps and twice the big hill on our way back to the finish line. 

This race and like the others had wonderful people, great environment to be in. Everyone there to have fun or even challenge themselves. As for I, I ended up receiving 2nd place in my age group and I think I lost the 1st place by a runner who I beat to 2nd place in the Leprechaun run. Oh well, it was all good though. It's all about having fun and enjoying the run. 

But guess what? Guess who I bumped into during this event? Yup! It's Fred and Emmy. This time they both improved and placed in their age group. What's funny is that, they seem to know each other because last time it didn't seem like that. So it was great seeing them two again. I love being in races, knowing that your not alone in it. I'm very proud of them too. Made both races worth it. 

Anyways, It always feels good inside knowing that, I have opened a door for other people the joyful things about attending these races. As well as giving them a little boost to start working out. I love the meaning of inspire but I cannot be an inspiration to others. Why? I am not sure, I just don't see myself as a inspiration. Do you get me?

Well as sad as this was my last race in the states, I was glad to have met people whom shared their stories that motivated them to run or telling me the reasons why they run. Also, glad to know that I was able to get at least one person in my family to run too.

Finish time:  50:54 
Pace Time: 8:12
Overall Place: 13th of 137
Age Group Place: 2 of 15