Sunday, April 6, 2014

Best day of my life!

Go! St. Louis

This was my favorite races I attended. I have never been around so much runners and never felt any better. I ended up with my best PR (Personal Record). As always, I end up driving more than an hour away from where I was staying. Yet I wanted to make it up to St. Louis early because I heard there was about 22,000 runners attending and I didn't want to be searching for a parking spot. So the earlier the better. 

Just like the other races, I decided to keep my pace at the start but for some reason, I felt motivation and I ended up pushing my pace a little faster. Worst thing was that I ended up buy some compression socks with the toes cutoff and I never gave it anytime for my feet to get used to it. Along the first half mile, I wanted to stop and take them off but I just sucked up and zone out the pain. 

Throughout the race, I was still cutting through between racers and trying to keep up my pace without stopping. During that, I bumped into a Marine whom was wearing our issued track jacket. Later after the race, I bumped into him and he said he was a retired SgtMaj. Crazy! 

Anyways, this particular race had another race within this race. There was race called "Holy Hill." It was just basically 2 slops and the fastest ones wins an extra award at the end of the race. Well funny thing is, being an out of towner. The first hill I saw, I thought it was Holy Hill. So I sprinted that to the top but when there, I saw the balloon arch that said #Neverstop and on the side had Holy Hill signs. I was like, "Dayyyymmmnnn it!" haha! but I still pushed it through both of the hills trying to see if I made to the top 3 but I wasn't. 

Overall this race was awesome, and my favorite. I actually miss that environment. It was amazing and Im not sure if I will have that same feeling later on in the future. 

Finish Time: 1:48:38
Pace Time: 8:15
Overall Place: 774 of 6,223
30-34 Age Group Place: 93 of 361
Holy Hill Time: 15:33
Pace Time: 7:47
30-34 Age Group Place: 54 of 359