Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prepare for Glory!

Centurion Mud 5k/10k Run

Another first different type of challenge but this one I say one of a kind. I was able to convince 15 of 21 Marines in our class to run this as a team. It was a pretty costly ticket to join this race but it was well worth it. 

Meet team #CastingCouch

It was a poll for the team name and it was a group choice on the outfits. At first I was going to wear a shirt but I would of ended being the only one. Yes, I know I'm not fit nor look sexy without a shirt but there was no shame for me. I was here to finish this course and enjoy it with my peers. 

Anyways, this was a 5k course, so you would need to do this course twice and then finish off with the last couple of obstacles that was never in the actual 5k course. *not sure if that makes sense* Well everyone was skeptical about the water slide into the freezing quarry water but it was actually the best obstacle in the course. There were mud pits, rope jungles, cargo nets, cliff climbing, low crawling in water, warped wall and etc. 

It was not a timed course, it was just about getting it done and finishing it with your fellow Marines. This was more like a motivation for all of us and having fun as well. Our stick, started at a good time under the sun. Keeping us warm just a little but once we got moving. We were pumped up and got this done. I say this is one of the rememberable moments of my time during my 3 months in Missouri that I will not forget.