Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Toughest 13.1

Lucky 13.1 
Half Marathon

While I was driving to the race and about 2 hours out when I remembered I forgot my Nike GPS watch. I started to dig for it in my bag, just to be sure that it didn't fall anywhere but nope, I didn't have it. Since I was already too far out, I decided to just forget it. Well anyways, This race was in Peculiar, MO which is close to Kansas City, MO. Yet, another race where I was on my own and I didn't know anyone. 

Now this race was the flattest of all the races *as you can see from the photo above*, but the worst thing is that the road's seems to go on forever. It would feel like you were running a 3 mile stretch, then when you made a turn it was another one. I say this was the toughest one I have ran. Plus, I over prepared for this one. This race was between cold and warm weather, So I decided to put my warming layers on, since it still felt cold. Oh I was in for it. 

It got pretty warm but hot with my outfit during the first 3 miles of the race, I would get a breeze here and there but not enough to cool me down. At the same time, I was just pissed at myself that I forgot my Nike GPS watch to keep track on my pace and time. Well I started to die out towards mile 11, the person I try to pace myself didn't slow down a bit. So I gave in and slowed down to catch my breath and cool off a little. 

As I got to mile 12, there was this lady behind me, all costumed up telling me to push. Which in turn motivated me to dig deep. Finding to know she was a wife of a 1stSgt in the USMC reservists and she was also with Team 4:13 - Grace Runners. Who I talked to when we bumped into each other at the near gas station. 

Overall this was the toughest race mentally I have ran. 

Finish Time: 2:03:01
Age Group 30-34 I placed 6th