Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life is like a box of Chocolates!

Forrest Gump Challenge 

Yup this is a Forrest Gump Challege. When I saw this on the website, I told myself. I need to run this event. Yet this is another place which is about 3 hours out from where I staying but the good thing is I left early enough because I sort of got lost along the way. I didn't have a GPS nor my phone didn't work. 

Anyways, before the race started, everyone gathered inside the church at the Forrest Gump movie was playing and on replay throughout the the race. Well there is only one thing I did not like about this course is because we had to run it in laps. So since I was running the Half Marathon, I had to run it 4 times and 4 times the hills. You will see in the video, that someone made of the race. 


Yet this weather was cold at the start but this time, I wasn't going to be dumb by dressing warm. So I sucked it up for the first 3 miles and after that, the weather felt really nice. So after the race, they announced this 10 year old kid who place 1st in his age group but also added that he's ran 90 something half marathons and 9 marathon races. I was shocked because he beat me by 1 minute during this race. What a downer, but oh well. 

Overall the course was challenging and the environment was great. Spoke to an old couple whose been going everywhere for races and who ran a tough mudder. Pretty crazy I say but then again you only live once. 

Finish Time: 1:56:21
Pace Time: 9:01
30-34 Age Group 7th of 10
Overall Finished 24 of 110