Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catch that Leprechaun!

Leprechaun Lane 10k Run

My first 10k Race was running the Leprechaun 5k/10k run in Kansas City, MO. This time I decided to stay at a hotel because I had to drive to St. Louis, MO to drop a Marine off at the airport which is 2 hours from where we stay at. Then another 3 - 4 hours from St. Louis to Kansas City, MO. So by the time, I got to the hotel. I was worn out by driving too much.        


It was another chilly morning and how do I know that? There was a cold mist that formed around the area, when I was picking up my shirt and bib. Another freezing race. After my first race down in West Plains, Mo, I was ready for the up coming hills. Well for this particular race, there wasn't any major hills like the first one had. So it was a pretty nice run but I just didn't like making laps in a race. 

Anyways, after the race, I have met 2 new friends. *We soon will meet again in my last race* It motivates me that at their age, they are still running and pretty active.  I met Emmy when she complimented me for the bright colored shoes I had and then told her daughter that she has found a new son. haha. The other person I met is Fred, a prior Marine who enlisted 1978. Who received 2nd place in his age group. 

For some reason right after the race, I decide to hear the announcements of who was awarded what place. Well when they called my age group, I was surprised that they called my name for 2nd place in my age group. I was really happy, crazy excited and felt amazing. I never knew I would but I did pushed it towards the end of the race. Cutting through a lot of runners.  

Finish Time: 47:88
Pace Time: 7:40
Overall Placed 15th of 136
Age Group 30-34  Placed 2 of 6