Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life is like a box of Chocolates!

Forrest Gump Challenge 

Yup this is a Forrest Gump Challege. When I saw this on the website, I told myself. I need to run this event. Yet this is another place which is about 3 hours out from where I staying but the good thing is I left early enough because I sort of got lost along the way. I didn't have a GPS nor my phone didn't work. 

Anyways, before the race started, everyone gathered inside the church at the Forrest Gump movie was playing and on replay throughout the the race. Well there is only one thing I did not like about this course is because we had to run it in laps. So since I was running the Half Marathon, I had to run it 4 times and 4 times the hills. You will see in the video, that someone made of the race. 


Yet this weather was cold at the start but this time, I wasn't going to be dumb by dressing warm. So I sucked it up for the first 3 miles and after that, the weather felt really nice. So after the race, they announced this 10 year old kid who place 1st in his age group but also added that he's ran 90 something half marathons and 9 marathon races. I was shocked because he beat me by 1 minute during this race. What a downer, but oh well. 

Overall the course was challenging and the environment was great. Spoke to an old couple whose been going everywhere for races and who ran a tough mudder. Pretty crazy I say but then again you only live once. 

Finish Time: 1:56:21
Pace Time: 9:01
30-34 Age Group 7th of 10
Overall Finished 24 of 110

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prepare for Glory!

Centurion Mud 5k/10k Run

Another first different type of challenge but this one I say one of a kind. I was able to convince 15 of 21 Marines in our class to run this as a team. It was a pretty costly ticket to join this race but it was well worth it. 

Meet team #CastingCouch

It was a poll for the team name and it was a group choice on the outfits. At first I was going to wear a shirt but I would of ended being the only one. Yes, I know I'm not fit nor look sexy without a shirt but there was no shame for me. I was here to finish this course and enjoy it with my peers. 

Anyways, this was a 5k course, so you would need to do this course twice and then finish off with the last couple of obstacles that was never in the actual 5k course. *not sure if that makes sense* Well everyone was skeptical about the water slide into the freezing quarry water but it was actually the best obstacle in the course. There were mud pits, rope jungles, cargo nets, cliff climbing, low crawling in water, warped wall and etc. 

It was not a timed course, it was just about getting it done and finishing it with your fellow Marines. This was more like a motivation for all of us and having fun as well. Our stick, started at a good time under the sun. Keeping us warm just a little but once we got moving. We were pumped up and got this done. I say this is one of the rememberable moments of my time during my 3 months in Missouri that I will not forget. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Toughest 13.1

Lucky 13.1 
Half Marathon

While I was driving to the race and about 2 hours out when I remembered I forgot my Nike GPS watch. I started to dig for it in my bag, just to be sure that it didn't fall anywhere but nope, I didn't have it. Since I was already too far out, I decided to just forget it. Well anyways, This race was in Peculiar, MO which is close to Kansas City, MO. Yet, another race where I was on my own and I didn't know anyone. 

Now this race was the flattest of all the races *as you can see from the photo above*, but the worst thing is that the road's seems to go on forever. It would feel like you were running a 3 mile stretch, then when you made a turn it was another one. I say this was the toughest one I have ran. Plus, I over prepared for this one. This race was between cold and warm weather, So I decided to put my warming layers on, since it still felt cold. Oh I was in for it. 

It got pretty warm but hot with my outfit during the first 3 miles of the race, I would get a breeze here and there but not enough to cool me down. At the same time, I was just pissed at myself that I forgot my Nike GPS watch to keep track on my pace and time. Well I started to die out towards mile 11, the person I try to pace myself didn't slow down a bit. So I gave in and slowed down to catch my breath and cool off a little. 

As I got to mile 12, there was this lady behind me, all costumed up telling me to push. Which in turn motivated me to dig deep. Finding to know she was a wife of a 1stSgt in the USMC reservists and she was also with Team 4:13 - Grace Runners. Who I talked to when we bumped into each other at the near gas station. 

Overall this was the toughest race mentally I have ran. 

Finish Time: 2:03:01
Age Group 30-34 I placed 6th

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catch that Leprechaun!

Leprechaun Lane 10k Run

My first 10k Race was running the Leprechaun 5k/10k run in Kansas City, MO. This time I decided to stay at a hotel because I had to drive to St. Louis, MO to drop a Marine off at the airport which is 2 hours from where we stay at. Then another 3 - 4 hours from St. Louis to Kansas City, MO. So by the time, I got to the hotel. I was worn out by driving too much.        


It was another chilly morning and how do I know that? There was a cold mist that formed around the area, when I was picking up my shirt and bib. Another freezing race. After my first race down in West Plains, Mo, I was ready for the up coming hills. Well for this particular race, there wasn't any major hills like the first one had. So it was a pretty nice run but I just didn't like making laps in a race. 

Anyways, after the race, I have met 2 new friends. *We soon will meet again in my last race* It motivates me that at their age, they are still running and pretty active.  I met Emmy when she complimented me for the bright colored shoes I had and then told her daughter that she has found a new son. haha. The other person I met is Fred, a prior Marine who enlisted 1978. Who received 2nd place in his age group. 

For some reason right after the race, I decide to hear the announcements of who was awarded what place. Well when they called my age group, I was surprised that they called my name for 2nd place in my age group. I was really happy, crazy excited and felt amazing. I never knew I would but I did pushed it towards the end of the race. Cutting through a lot of runners.  

Finish Time: 47:88
Pace Time: 7:40
Overall Placed 15th of 136
Age Group 30-34  Placed 2 of 6