Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Wonder Land

Let it snow!

Well, I know I know. I am crazy for running in the snow. Think of this, I was like a Husky that misses the snow. Haha! Born and Raised in Kodiak Island, Alaska and not being able to see or be around snow for the last 10 years. I will do anything to be outside in the snow. So why not run in it? Although it was chilly, I was well prepared to go for a little run. 

In a runners reality, nothing should stop to from running. Unless it was a major injury but your temporarily broken and are recovering to get back on that pavement. So whether it'd be snow, rain or just really windy. There is nothing better then, going out there embracing mother nature. To me, it feels like I have accomplished something and that I can tell everyone that I have done it. 


At the end of it all, its just having fun with the passion you love. I mean it cannot be all competitiveness, you need to have some fun and away from stresses. As for me, I run to have fun, I run to relieve stress and I run to push my body to it's limits. 

"Spectators will never understand why I run. 
Some runners think they have an idea why I do but it doesn't paint the picture.
The only way  you'll understand why I run.
Is if your running side by side with me."