Saturday, February 22, 2014

Run into the Caves

Crystal City Underground

Sperunking: noun [spr-run-kin]- the act of exploring caves while running, hurdling obstacles, crawling and tip toeing through quicksand.

This particular race was different and interesting. I was able to convince two of my other junior Marines to join me on this race in Crystal City, Missouri on February 22, 2014.  We have never done anything like this, so it was pretty exciting. As we walked around scoping the area and trying to take a glance of the course. We could only see the stretches of runs but no obstacles to be seen. 


Since we were there pretty early, we just walked around and glancing at the teams and their costumes. Which made me realize, why didn't we think of that? Walking around, taking photos with everyone and just having fun. Yes, that's all it was everyone having fun. As well as supporting a good cause. Well I met these two, who was dressed up as Laura Croft and Indiana Jones. Really creative, especially for this race. (Later Karen (Laura Croft) and James (Indiana Jones) have become friends on my Facebook.) 

Anyways, our stick was called up to the start line. Among us 3, we were contemplating on sprinting the first stretch but I refused to. Good thing though, once we reached the end of that stretch, we had to run through thigh high cold freezing cave waters. It seemed like a long time but my legs were numb and it slowed everyone else down. Haha! One of my Marines decided to swim through but it was too cold and later asked me if the water was good enough to drink. Haha! 

Well as we went through the course, we were hitting sand pits and more water holes. It sucked because the ground wasn't stable and my legs were getting killed. Yet, as we were about to get warm again, we would come across freezing water we had to cross. This was a total of 4 miles and the only reason why we stopped is because we would have to wait for one Marine to catch up. (Later who received 3rd place in his age group. Lucky bastard!). 


If you want to check out their website. Go take a look and see if you want to take the Sandmine Challenge. -> Sperunking Challenge