Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chasing the Dark

Glow Run

Chase down the party! This is my first unique glow run. From what I remember that this was the first time they established this event. So to me usually, it gets better as years go by. This run wasn't too bad, there would of probably been more people running if the first day wasn't raining making them postpone the run til the next day. 

Anyways, there was a certain area were we had to run through a warehouse, which was the glow area. Truthfully it wasn't much but like i said this was the first time they have done this. So I wonder how it's going to be next year. Hopefully, more black lights and more glow areas. Overall this night was perfect. It wasn't too humid after the day before's rain, it was a little cool. So the run wasn't too hard, but like the color blast. I just ran this one rather then having fun because again. I ran by myself. Yup I know, Im a loner. haha! 

After the race, I left. I know they had an after party but whats the point. I was there by myself, so I drove with my glow gear on. Just making use of it before they start to die down. haha!