Saturday, November 23, 2013

POW! Right in the kisser!

Color Blast 5K

This was not a bad run, minus the fact they were not expecting so many people attending. So they had to cut the runners by groups. Anyways, this was the beginning of my fun runs in Okinawa. Since, I was just starting to run, so I couldn't really jump into a Half Marathon race out in town you know. 

Well this 5k was by the Naval Hospital down in Camp Lester. The day was pretty hot as usual but I didn't mind. Yet again, I was running alone, no one I knew then liked running. Especially running on the weekend and that they had to pay for it. 

Well throughout the 5k, there are color stations, if your lucky you'll get blasted. Meaning you'll get a hand full of colored powder thrown at you. As I recall running past the volunteers that were throwing powder. They were told not to throw any at the runners faces. Which was a bummer. 

But I did get blasted on the back of the head. It didn't feel like it though, just because I was more focused on running. Rather then having fun but how can you have fun if your running alone. So hopefully next time, I can have friends run with me. We will see. 

Overall it was a Blast!